Choosing the Right Video Template

The VidyBack web app USP is that it makes video creation very easy. A lot of time is invested to create a video. You have to learn the process or hire a digital agency to make these video ads for your brand. Some sellers use social media free tools to make videos but it gets monotonous after some time. Then some users pay for professional apps but that too requires time to learn. If you are not a creative person even with the best tools your videos don't deliver the desired output. Yes, video ads help your business grow at a 10x speed. However, if the video is not made professionally they will not give the best results. Moreover, a bad video ad will harm your brand.

VidyBack takes care of all the elements required to make a well-made professional video ad.

We will discuss all the elements which will help you choose the right video template.

The Video Designs

The video templates are the heart of VidyBack. These video designs or template defines how your video will look. You should pick a template matching your product background. The other parameters could be a festival, seasonal, or any other special occasion. Some of the templates are also defined as per your product – like jewelry, fashion, etc. In a normal scenario, you had to create a new template every time to make a video. This process alone used to take a long time. However, with VidyBack you simply pick and choose from hundreds of templates.

The Right Video Size

Once you like a video template you also have to see which social media account you want to put. The three common sizes are square, rectangle, or vertical. Then there are different sizes within these three parameters. Now, Facebook recommends post size of 1200p x 628px, Instagram post size is 1080px x 1080px (Applicable for Facebook post as well), Facebook Stories size is 1080px x 1920px and Pinterest 1000px x 1500px and so on. The good news is with VidyBack you just choose the social media handle. The sizes are custom designed as per social media norms. Therefore you have one less worry to make a video ad for your brand.

Choosing the Right Video Template

Inbuilt Animation

The animation in these templates is how your product will be showcased. Your product will zoom in, it comes from the left or it slides from the right. Though you cannot edit these animations this is again the USP of the VidyBack web app. VidyBack team has spent a lot of time making these animations so that it makes an attractive video experience. Each template will have a different set of animations for showcasing your product.

VidyBack Music Selection

Music Selection

You get to select copyright-free music from the music library. VidyBack gives you the option to choose the music of your choice. The music sets the mood and enhances the viewing experience. You can listen to music before you put it in your video ad.


Sale, Big Sale, Black Friday Sale, New Arrivals, etc. make the element section. The later version of VidyBack will give the option to choose these elements as well. Like all things in VidyBack just pick one to go with your video and the rest is taken care of. You can select these elements as per your branding exercise.

Call to Action (CTA)

The call to action button allows you how the viewer acts once he sees your video ad. Buy now, click to buy, etc. can be defined by you. In some templates, it will come as an `Outro'. This is the last screen that comes at the end of your video. It will have your contact details, your social media accounts, and your CTA.

The VidyBack web app team is working hard to make the video-making process as simple as possible. Once you understand the flow it will take just a minute to create a professional video ad. To know more about marketing and VidyBack check our blog section for more details.