Best Free Video Ad Maker for ETSY Users

Anybody doing social media marketing would have seen a surge of video ads in their news feed. There is a reason for it, nobody wants to read. The reading of the content only happens when somebody wants more details, like tech specs. The pitch of the product gets more noticed if it's in a video format. You can create your brand story, make discount offers or just showcase your latest products. The sales pitch happens within a 15-second time frame. Some studies suggest that the attention span of a person is just 8 seconds. If the person watches the video for 8 seconds he will watch it for 15 seconds or even a minute. More than 4 Billion people watch videos on Youtube alone and 80% of the worldwide users watch videos daily. These factors alone should inspire you to make video ads of your products, let’s learn how?

How do you define a good Video Ad Maker?

Easy to use would be the first criteria for most. However, the power users will look for more and more edit tools. To make it easy for users readymade templates are provided with most video-making apps. The templates reduce your time in making a video post of your listings/products. You just customize/edit details and make them your own. Canva and Crello are providing thousands of templates to make things easy. For people who had a tough time learning Coreldraw and Adobe welcomed these websites. Canva and Crello brought the people on the platform who had limited knowledge on how to design a post or a video.

​The first criterion

The ease of use should be the first criterion while choosing a video ad maker. Now, when I say this I'm not comparing it with expert designers. These apps are meant for users who are not designers but business people. If I have to narrow it down I would say people on e-commerce websites or anybody selling online. Most people on ETSY, Shopify, and Amazon, etc. are sellers and not designers. They all know the power of social media marketing and they want to save costs. Hiring an agency is not everybody's cup of tea and that's where these easy-to-use video ad-makers come into the picture.

Best Free Video Ad maker for ETSY Users

Time Saving Video Making Apps

You are busy with purchases, deliveries, and orders if you are running an e-commerce website. If it's a festival season like Christmas or Diwali you are super busy. You have to do social media marketing to reach out to more people too. Video-making apps like Minta, Vimeo, and VidyBack help you save time and make awesome video ads. These apps are targeting online sellers. You can make video ads, schedule video posts on your social media platforms. You get ready-made templates or video designs on how your video will look like. I recently tested VidyBack and they have the easiest interface. Even a noob can make a video post with just a few clicks. They are still developing it but their present version is free of cost, so go ahead and use it. The present version supports ETSY and Shopify online listings. Simply copy and paste your listing URL in the app and it downloads all your product catalogs. Then choose template edit details like sale, new arrivals, and click generate. It shows you the output, if you don't like the video simply go back and change the template. Once you are sure click create video and it takes 2-3 minutes depending upon your computer.

The Video Templates

The Video Designs

The templates or the video design will define the output of your video ads. These templates are pre-defined with tags like New Arrivals, Sale, Black Friday Sale, etc. You choose these templates as per your social media requirements. The video ads app does allow you to change some fine details like discount percentage, your social media handle name, or the price tag. Though the templates have an in-built design there are various ways you can re-create these templates to make them your own. This will also depend upon app to app on how many editing tools it gives. If you are not a creative person you should look for video apps that have more templates. VidyBack gives you both the options it has an easy interface and gives you various options in templates. 

More about VidyBack

VidyBack is a web app, which means you cannot access it through your mobile. However, the app promises to launch the android and IOS versions in the future.  You will also see that the free version has limited templates. The paid versions for sure will have more templates. The templates will be regularly updated and you will have more designs to choose from. The app presently focuses on e-commerce websites like ETSY and Shopify. The future versions will have support for eBay, Big Commerce, Squarespace, and more.           

I hope this helps you choose a video ad-making app. Let me know in the comment section which one you are using right now.