Benefits of VidyBack

VidyBack is a video ad-making web app. It can create product videos by downloading pictures and descriptions directly from your online shop or shops. You can be on Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, or any other e-commerce platform. You simply integrate your shop once and VidyBack we app will download all your product catalogs to the VidyBack dashboard. All this happens with just two clicks. To make the video-making process simpler VidyBack gives you ready-to-use video templates or video designs. Not only that you also get copyright-free music from the audio library. Once you are familiar with the process its takes over a minute to create a video ad of your products. In this blog, we will discuss all the benefits of the VidyBack web app.

How, then, can you produce sleek and professional video content without shelling out for VFX specialists or enrolling in a night school for video production? Well, this demand for creative video making gave birth to pre-made video templates. You can choose one style of video and put images and some text and Voila! You got yourself a professional-looking video ready to be posted.

Easy to Integrate

Right now VidyBack web app allows only users to integrate their shop/page from You can log in with your Gmail id, so no lengthy form fill-ups. Once done you will get to see the dashboard. Here you can start creating your first video directly. No need to go through learning how to make a video. The process of video ad making finishes within three steps. However, if you are still not comfortable we have created a video explaining how to use VidyBack. Ok, coming back to video creating, click on the icon below the video which says `create your first video’. Then it will take you to the page where it asks you which online shop you want to integrate. Choose Etsy (for the time being) the app then asks for your permission. Say yes, the app then automatically downloads all your product catalogs with product descriptions. This is a one-time process, once done your product catalogs are saved on the VidyBack dashboard. From here its click and choose options to make your first video ad.

No Complicated Editing Tools

VidyBack's sole purpose is to make the video-making process simple. Rather than creating new designs for your videos, VidyBack gives you readymade video templates. Choose from the hundreds of options of video templates that come with the professional version. The images get downloaded automatically from your online shop. You simply pick a product catalog and the templates automatically adjust the images within your chosen template. It VidyBack app also downloads your product description from your product page from Etsy. This way you don’t have to do extra typing every time. You can edit this information. You can also choose what sticker you want for flash sales. There is also an option to choose music of your choice. As I said it just clicks and select and the rest is handled by the app.

Benefits of VidyBack

The Gallery of Video Designs and Music

The most difficult task in video creation is the design of the video. You have to have a creative mind to make a different design every time, but not with Vidyback! You can choose from 100's of video templates and make a different-looking video every time. You can also choose different stickers and animated boxes to make it look more professional. Each video template comes with a different animation as well. Your product picture will not only have a carousel effect but it can zoom or it can come dancing as well. Once you have made a video you can download it on your system. You also have a music library. Which off-course gives you copyright-free music to go with your videos. You can listen to the music and decide which one to go with your video ad.

The Social Media Connect

What good is a video ad if you cannot post it on Social media? Well, we took care of that too. To make your life easy each template tells you which template is suitable for which social media. You can use the story mode templates for Facebook and Instagram. You can use the post format for Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also create video ads for WhatsApp status. The templates are nicely put as per social media ad sizes. Just choose and select a template as per your marketing strategy. And when we say put it on social media don’t stop there! Boost these video ads or choose the options of advertising with your social media platform. The world will notice your professional-looking videos and increase your sales.

For those who are still thinking why make a video ad? A whopping 80% of people watch videos on the internet every day. Marketers, 97% of them, believe that video ads help the user to understand the product better. You can read the Benefits of the Video here. (Put the link of the blog)

Straight forward and simple to use

You can start making videos from the word go.

Videos in a Minute

You can create video ads with just a few clicks. No time-consuming video creations!

Make Engaging Posts and Stories

Choose from a wide variety of video designs that stand out and reach more people.

Create Video Ads that Sell

Increase your sales by making video ads. A video ad gets more views than any other medium.

Easy Connect with Your Shop

Connects with your favorite online shops without any hassle…just click and connect!