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Videos offer countless benefits for businesses, including, but not limited to, enhancing engagement rates, building brand awareness, creating trust, improving conversion rates, impacting customer decisions, etc.

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As part of your eCommerce venture's digital marketing strategy, strategizing on social media and video marketing can be highly beneficial. This is because, on average, people spend 147 minutes daily on social media, consuming different content types. Among them, videos are the best-performing content across diverse social media spaces.

Now, let's explore five best practices for social media video marketing...

Incorporate Video Ads into Your Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

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As mentioned, videos perform better on social media platforms. Including videos in your marketing campaigns can build awareness and visibility for your brand and products. Video ads provide higher conversion rates and improve your click-through rates.

Therefore, create video ads that align with your brand guidelines and social media video strategy. By the way, this has become simple as you can make video ads for your products and brand in no time using VidyBack.

Include a Variety of Video Content

Creating a video and expecting it to provide maximum ROI won't help your marketing initiatives. Instead, you have to create engaging, simple, understandable, and relatable videos. Ensure that your videos don't have any corporate jargon and are easy to consume on the go. By doing so, you can form a bond with your customers and build attachments.

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To do that, include different video content in your social medvideo strategy. You can bring customer testimonials, live-streaming content, stories, Q&As, behind-the-scenes, animated videos, and so forth.

Create Short Videos

As people juggle their busy lives, they don't have the time to watch long videos. Therefore, create short videos that convey a lot in less than sixty seconds.

You can focus on building Instagram reels, which you can repurpose on other social media platforms. Although your video will be short, try to bring in riveting information on your products and brands to grab the attention of your viewers.

Focus on Voice SEO

Voice SEO is becoming the next big thing in digital marketing with the growth of virtual assistants like Alexa. Thus, one of the best practices is to prioritize your script and ensure that it isn't filled with jargon or irrelevant information.

 Instead, focus on bringing keywords and central ideas to your video content so that your social media videos can gain ranking on the search engine.

Create Premium Quality Videos

Video quality on social media is yet another thing that will determine whether your content will receive the required engagement and conversion as expected. Therefore, focus on the script, screenplay, how you create your videos, editing, music, voiceover, and everything associated with your video.

Through this, you can ensure that your brand produces a high-quality video that can enhance your customer's purchase decisions.

Final Thoughts 

To summarize, these are the top five social media video marketing best practices your eCommerce venture can leverage.

You can shape your social media video strategy based on your business, target audience, interests, and overall content performance.