How to use Behtar Ads

Great! Now that you have installed Behtar Ads App from the play store, you are ready to make awesome videos. Just like the name suggests it makes Behtar Ads (Better Ads) in the form of videos. Yes, videos are the most-watched on any social media platform. If you make your product ads in video format it will reach more people. When your product is seen by the masses it will also result in higher sales. When you choose your product pictures it automatically with the help of templates makes an effective video ad.

For those who haven't downloaded the app, you can get it here.

Terms you should know

Market Place

Meesho, Shop101, and Glowroad, etc. are called marketplace

Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. are called social media platform

Product Catalogue

Link to your page where you have put your product on sale at a marketplace

Play Store

For Android Phones

App Store

For Apple iPhones


You pay social media platforms to promote your video/post so that it reaches more people


The image or image ad you put on Facebook, Instagram are called posts


A-frame that decides how your video ad will look

Who can use this video app?

This app is designed for people who have zero experience in making a video. Not that others can’t use it but we have made it easy for you to make a video ad. You can make a video by clicking on the camera of your phone. However, we all know to sell a product we need more than a home shot video. That’s where Behtar Ads App comes in; you can make professional video ads with the help of this app. This video-making app is specially designed for resellers. This app gives you the power to present your product professionally. You don't have to learn anything or spend huge money to learn video making. This app can be used by a 10-year-old to make a video ad of your product.

Resellers on Meesho, Shop101, and Glowroad, etc. just need to add the product catalog link into the app and the video ad is ready within a few clicks. Those who don't have their product at a marketplace have the option to make a video from their phone gallery.

Know this before you install the app

  • Behtar Ads is a video ad making app
  • It will make professional videos of your product
  • Per video making cost comes to around Rs.3.00 only
  • These videos can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Whatsapp
  • The app automatically resizes your video as per social media requirements
  • It is meant for resellers to reach more clients
  • Resellers on Meesho, Shop101, Glowroad, Tun Tun, MilMila, ResellMe can benefit
  • It is a paid app but the first install gives you 500 coins `Free’
  • Each video you make deducts 25 coins
  • With these free coins, you can make 20 videos for `Free’
  • Later you can recharge as per your usage
  • Rs.100 recharge gives you 750 coins which can make 30 Videos
  • Behtar Ads does not have a web version yet

Know this before you install the app

  • You can also click here to download
  • Type Behtar App
  • Select the app and download
  • Once installed, you will get '500 free coins'

What to do after you install the app

  • Open the app and select your preferred language
  • You then have to register yourself with a phone number
  • Once registered, the app will give you tutorials on how to use the app
  • On the app main-screen, you choose your marketplace
  • Options are Meesho, Shop101, Glowroad, Tun Tun, MilMila, ResellMe can benefit
  • Then select template
  • Here you can edit your product details
  • The app then will then give you a video preview
  • Then share on your favorite social media channel
Social Media Sharing

What to do after you make the video?


That’s the first thing you do.

These videos are tailor-made for social media platforms. Facebook recommends post size of 1200p x 628px, Instagram recommends post size of 1080px x 1080px, Facebook Stories size is 1080 x 1920 px and WhatsApp have its own sizes. So if you are making one post by yourself you have to resize it for every platform. However, Behtar Ads App resizes videos as per social media norms. So now you have a professional video that can be put on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Whatsapp stories. You can also share these videos in other WhatsApp groups. Do note if you don't boost these videos on social media platforms the reach will be less. Behtar Ads makes the best-looking videos of your products but how you promote them, is up to you.

What’s next?

Behtar Ads App will keep on working to give you more good-looking videos. That means you will have more than 500 templates to choose from. We will also be adding more marketplaces. Web and IOS versions of the apps are a work in progress. If you still have a question email us at or call us on +91-8369402278