Shopify provides companies with the capacity to launch an online store, advertise to clients, and take payments via various sales channels and locations from a single platform. Even though Shopify provides a wealth of e-commerce features, you can incorporate additional tactics to draw attention to your merchandise. Learning how to connect Shopify to Instagram is one strategy merchants must embrace, especially when physical interaction with products is not feasible for potential buyers.

Nevertheless, linking Shopify to Instagram and employing videos as part of your product advertising strategy can significantly boost your business's online visibility. However, not all Shopify merchants know how to connect Shopify to Instagram and the benefits. Continue reading to learn how to connect Shopify to Instagram, why it is important for online store owners, and the advantages of using videos for product ads.

Why Should I Connect Shopify to Instagram?

Customers tend to buy products they are well-informed and have strong opinions about. However, Instagram stands out as one of the leading platforms that seamlessly integrates top business advertising features. Instagram's reputation makes presenting services regarding a merchant's online store more pleasant and enticing when Shopify is connected. Thus, even if your online store is doing great, connecting Shopify to Instagram will undoubtedly help you increase sales.

By integrating Shopify with Instagram, you can increase brand visibility, build a larger audience, streamline the shopping experience, and get insightful data that will help you make the most out of your online business ventures. Below are other reasons why you should connect Shopify to Instagram.

  • When you connect Shopify to Instagram, you can tag your products in Instagram feeds, which makes it simple for customers to find and buy products straight from the app. 
  • By integrating Shopify, you can take advantage of user-generated content, which motivates customers to talk about their interactions with your products, thereby generating social proof and boosting engagement.

  • Access to useful analytics and insights is made possible by connecting Shopify and Instagram. Based on the data available, you can monitor performance indicators, comprehend consumer behavior, and improve your marketing plan.

  • A feature known as a retargeting campaign on Instagram helps entice a customer who visits your Shopify store and leaves their cart vacant or forgets to place an order.

How to connect Shopify to Instagram

As you get ready to connect Shopify with Instagram, ensure you live in one of the supported nations by looking at the list on the Shopify website. Additionally, since Facebook owns Instagram, the platform has established rules and guidelines that merchants must follow to use the Instagram Sales Channel. These rules and guidelines include Facebook's Merchant Agreement and its Commerce Policies. 

If you do not already have an Instagram Business account, download the Instagram app and set it up to get started. You can switch your account to a business Instagram account.

  1. Simply navigate to your profile.
  2. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose Settings and click on Convert to Business Account.

At this point, it is necessary to link your Instagram account to your Facebook page. To do this, log into your Facebook account, select "Settings," then "Instagram" from the menu on the left. Then, click "Connect account" and follow the instructions to link your Instagram account.

Below are tips on how to connect Shopify to Instagram.

Step 1: Set up your Facebook Business account by visiting "”

facebook business account setup

Step 2: Go to your Shopify backend and click on apps, search for Facebook and press enter

Shopify app

​​Step 3: On the app store, log in to install

Step 4: On the next prompt, which is your store screen, search and select the store you want to install.

Step 5: Wait for the app to install and click on the add channel button At the next  prompt, click on update sales channel to start setup and connect the Facebook account.

Note: Ensure you log into Facebook using before installing and clicking on Connect account. After your Facebook account is connected, choose the Shopify account and follow the instructions to complete the process

Step 6: Click on Create AD

Now that your Shopify store and Facebook shop are linked, you can use the Instagram app to promote your store's online presence. Once product tagging is approved, you can tag your Shopify products in your Instagram posts. On Instagram, create a new post, choose an image or a video, click "Tag Products," choose the product you wish to tag, move the tag to the proper location within the photo or video, and publish your post. All individual videos on Instagram have been reels since July 2022. Once the connection has been made, you can monitor and manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts from within the Shopify platform.

​​Why is presenting Shopify products through videos the most effective online advertising method?

Although images are still a common way to showcase Shopify products, professionally made videos using the best video editing software are currently the most successful online advertising strategy. Traditionally, product videos have an unparalleled ability to engage and captivate audiences.

Videos provide a dynamic and immersive experience that enables prospective buyers to comprehend features, see products in use, and picture how they fit into their lives. This visual storytelling makes for a more engaging and memorable shopping experience by successfully evoking feelings in addition to effectively communicating information. 

The format that video content on social media sites like Instagram offers is easily accessible and shared, which increases the visibility and virality of your product advertising. Overall, video is the best way to effectively showcase Shopify products in the online advertising space because of its blend of visual appeal, storytelling, and shareability.


While connecting Shopify to Instagram is a top strategy merchants can use to showcase their products to a broad audience, selecting the best ad format is also crucial. If you opt for video presentations of your products, then you'll require an automated video-making application to produce shareable video content. While numerous tools are available for this purpose, VidyBack stands out as a premier video app for creating shareable videos for your online store products on Instagram. This video app is also the first “no-edit video” platform with AI-powered templates and effects.

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