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A video ad in comparison to a post is better promoted on Facebook and other social media channels. The need to make a video about your products than a post should be a priority for better sales. However, making a video of your product is not everybody's cup of tea.  The traditional method to make a video ad is to think of a layout first. Then you have to think about the flow of how the products will be shown. A good amount of time goes into thinking about the background music or even a voiceover. Then comes the animation and of course the resizing of the images as per your video size.

This would all be easy if first, you are a creative person. Secondly, even if you are a creative person do you know how to work on that complicated software? Lastly, these video-making software are mostly expensive. But hey, then came the video templates!

Video Templates

The new way of making videos

A video template is a framework of a video. These video templates give you a placeholder for photos, music, and text. You replace the products within that template and make it your own.  The video template gives you the exact idea of how your video ad will look like. The other good news is if you don’t like one design in a template you pick another one. You don’t have to redraw a new design in your head. The video template world gives you thousands of choices and all these templates can be made your own. If you buy a professional version of these templates/apps you even get free-to-use music.  The video templates are also sorted by industry type, social media sites, and the message you want to give. By messages, I mean a sale, new arrivals, Black Friday Sale, etc.  

Components of a Video Template

  • Sizes – 1080px x 1080px, 1920px x 1080px, 1080px x 1920px, 1000px x 1500px and so on
  • Background – Solid color, Multicolor, Image, Video
  • Colors Scheme – Frame color, font color
  • Animation – Zoom in/out, slide from right/left, and many more options
  • Sound/Music – Background music or a song
  • Text/Font – Font Type
  • Video Length - 10Sec, 15Sec, 30Sec, 1Min, or 10Min.
  • Call to Action (CTA) – Buy Now, Follow Us, Sale, etc.

Call to acttion VidyBack

Exploring Video Templates on VidyBack Web App

VidyBack as a web app is a fully functional video-creating app. However, in this blog, I'll be focusing on the template options available in the VidyBack App. You can learn the benefits of Vidyback here. Now, VidyBack is a helpful tool for e-commerce websites. You copy and paste your shop URL in the VidyBack app and it will download all details of your products listed on that particular e-commerce website. Presently, VidyBack supports and Future versions will have more such platforms.

The Video Details Screen

This is the screen where you fill in details and make the video template your own. If you want a certain discount you can put it here. New Arrivals or sale pitches can be defined. You can also select the music here. Once you have filled in the required details the VidyBack Web App takes you to the template selection screen. 

Video Ad Templates

VidyBack core value is to give its users value for money. The video templates development will be a continuous process. The users will have more and more video design options to make their product look good and increase their sales.  The trial version has limited options but the pro and lifetime version will give access to the full library of templates and music. To make things simpler the templates are categorized as per social media requirements. That includes sizes - square, rectangle, or post and story mode. To make it easier for new users the app defines it with social media icons. The VidyBack app also suggests which video templates are best to put on which social media account.    

Video Design or Video Template

Select a Purpose

Now, most of the apps will show you all templates on one screen.  Some apps have categorized video templates as per social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. We at VidyBack made it simpler for users who have zero experience in video making. We ask them the purpose of the video. The purpose could be that you want to put a sale or you want to tell your customers about your `new arrivals' at your online store. Your purpose could be just `brand awareness' or it could be a `Black Friday Sale'. Once you choose the purpose VidyBack app shows you only the relevant templates associated with your purpose. This way you get the best video templates suited for your video.

Video making was never this easy

Once you choose a video template click `next’. The app gives you a preview of how your video will look. If you don't like the output of the video simply go back to the template screen and choose a different template. This whole process takes less than a minute. Once you like a video you can download the video or post it directly to your social media accounts.

The VidyBack team is in a continuous process to make new video templates. This way you can make video ads as per the latest trends. The video templates will not be in hundreds but in thousands. If you have any new ideas or suggestions do tell us in the comment section.